Annabelle: A Child on the Way

The spirit of a young girl hopes to join the family of Philippe and his parents. But they do not realize her presence---not directly. She tries to reach out and soon realizes her limited powers of influence, but she also discovers what can happen when you remain patient and hopeful.

Without Words

Luiz has just arrived from Brazil; he misses it terribly. But he has a great talent for drawing. Encouraged by his new school teacher, Luiz tries to express his feelings for Brazil by drawing a story.

A Heart Alone in the Land of Darkness

A Heart searches for an owner in a place where people have forgotten their compassion and tolerance. To anyone who's willing, the Heart offers the chance to feel and love.

Stolen Spirit

Can dreams influence the spirit or reveal the future? A Brazilian Indian boy begins to wonder after a Portuguese explorer first arrives, searching for Brazilwood. The year is 1500. When this strange white man chops down a tree, he is puzzled. Why upset a tree’s spirit?

Tenemos Que Encontrar a Froggy

Louis has lost “Froggy,” his favorite stuffed animal. His Daddy and Mommy try everything they can to find it, but cannot. With the loss of Froggy, the family learns how to express their love through hugs instead of through objects. The end of the book contains useful information about frogs and the importance of the ecology.

Two Continents, Four Generations

Louis is not interested in history. “Who cares what a bunch of dead people did years ago?” he asks himself. But after a class project at school puts him closer to his family roots, he submerges himself into the life of his Polish grandfather who had to immigrate to Brazil during the Second World War.

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